On with the new

Finally worked on my tan to be able to rock this neon dress I got about a month ago! Now that I think of it, it can easily be DIYed … 

It’s a religious holiday today in Greece and we’ll be visiting my cousin’s house located in a small, beautiful village at the Prefecture of Arcadia. Extended family gatherings mean one thing: lots of delicious food, laughs and news-sharing.

At least I’m not the one to drive on the way back… I wouldn’t be able to do so after all the amounts of food devoured…

As soon as I get back, I will have to get some beauty sleep since the night is supposed to be a long one… Almost everyone is celebrating his/her nameday today and I have a few parties to attend… Have fun and enjoy your day!

Dress : Pink Woman
High Heels : Kalogirou
Bag : asos
Ring : H&M
Sunglasses : D&G
Necklace : Vintage
Bracelets : Vintage


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