On a beautiful day

The first weekend of March went by in full spring mode! The beaches were filled with people enjoying the sunshine: some were swimming, others read their book by the sea and the majority was out strolling with family and friends.

I (despite the constant sneezing due to my allergies) run towards flowers and greenery as soon as I spotted them… Well, running is a way of saying “intense walking” since I was in heels which did provide a tiiiiiny difficulty in my effort to reach them…

I am so excited each time spring arrives that I just want to wear all my light clothes at once. I get the same feeling on the first days of autumn… Luckily this time I didn’t catch a cold!

What did you guys do during the weekend? Did you go for a walk in the sunshine or did you stay in and relax? Wishing you all a lovely week!

Jeans : Zara
Shirt : Unknown
Jumper : Marks & Spencer
Bag : Asos
Bracelets : Vintage & DIY
Pumps : Zara
Ring : Marilia_M
Collar Tips : Vintage


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