Winter gets stronger

Is it snowing where you live??? Because in my hometown we haven’t seen a single snowflake… But the cold is unbearable (for a Greek at least)! If I could, I would chain the radiator on my back whenever I had to get out of the house.Seriously.

During the weekend, I’ve decided to gather once again all the clothes I don’t wear which take an awful lot of space in my closet and give them away. A few months ago, I took a considerable amount to the Swap Not Shop event that took place in Nafplion and also to the church that donates clothes to those in need. This time, though, the clothing range I’ve decided to give up is a bit more “difficult”…

And by that I mean that most of them are black and a lot of lace is involved. Many dresses that no longer fit or feel the way they did years ago. In case you’re wondering, lots of dark wave, new wave, gothic lolita type of clothing (but not trashy!!!).


Speaking of lolitas… I got the new Lana Del Rey album and loved it. All of it. Don’t care if Lana is fabricated by music execs – unless she doesn’t prove to be like Milli Vanilli. Got a place on my top10 list for 2012.

Have a great week!

Dress : Rouge Paris
Coat : MET Jeans
Combat Boots : Tsakiris Mallas
Ring : H &M


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