Sneaky weather

Look at how joyfully I am trying to walk on the old train rails… before the sun comes out and that mischievous breeze that you just always underestimate because you tend to say “it’s only for 5 minutes – i’ll be fine, not made of sugar you know”… Wroooooong as Depeche Mode love to say… I have indeed caught a cold.

I am still happy and illness free in this batch of photos… during the week you shall witness my degradation… Oh well! Enough of my nagging! In the last couple of days, it really does feel like winter!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like England! I read an article today stating that officials fear that the London Olympic Games this year will help foster a massive spread of diseases because of the gathering of so many people – sort of like the movie Outbreak but without the cute little monkey… And while some years ago, once you heard such a thing, your response would be “nooooo way dude”, nowadays, you tend to be more sceptic because of all kinds of crazy shit that’s happening…

I’d better not to start with all those impending doom scenarios… One look at the world news headlines and you get the chills with everything that’s going on… Speaking of chills, I should have a look at my temperature because I’ve been babbling non-stop…

Have a great week and keep yourselves warm!

Coat : H&M
Sweater : United Colors of Benetton
Shirt : Sprider
Skinny Jeans : Pull & Bear
Combat boots : Tsakiris Mallas (late 90’s)
Leather Gloves : Vintage
Clutch (ipad case) : Rachel by Rachel Roy


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