Jeans and a t-shirt

It’s summer during the day and autumn when the sun falls. You just don’t know what to wear. I’ve tried to put on a skirt but came back shivering and it’s still not cold enough to wear my darling tights yet… Bottom line: I will live in  jeans for the time being – i’m all about comfort and warmth.

We went to the castle of Palamidi the other day to enjoy the view and I sat in a meditation position… Truth is that yoga and I are not compatible – it took me 5 minutes to even get the finger placement right… My dear Sting, please forgive me…

Honey, can you please zoom in on my favourite t-shirt from H&M?

Have a wonderful afternoon!

T-shirt : H&M
Jeans : Diesel
Sneakers : Vans
Bracelets : H&M
Rings : Marilia_m & vintage



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